Private Cellar at Willow Farm

Twenty-Six Wines

Private Cellar

A relaxed evening of wine and shopping at Willow Farm.

Thanks go to Private Cellar for a splendid wine list!

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Ready for guests...

Wine Tasting

With Private Cellar

11 White Wines, 13 Red Wines and 2 Bottles of Fizz!
All lined up and ready to taste at Willow Farm, the home of Flint & Lambourn Marquees Ltd.

Starting to arrive...

Relaxed evening

Try at your own pace...

Private Cellar laid on a wonderful selection of wines from their 2018 list for guests to try at their own pace. The marquee was dressed with red flat linings and fairy lights for a warm and welcoming feel.

Amy Morris-Adams Hats Sample Sale


Amy Morris-Adams Hats

The marquee had been open all day for shoppers visiting a range of different brands including our resident milliner, Amy Morris-Adams Hats

Amy Morris-Adams Winter Hats

More Hats

Winter Collection

More beautiful hats from Amy Morris-Adams

Private Cellar Wine Merchants

Thank you

Private Cellar

Always great to work with Private Cellar.
Wine is their favourite subject!

Starting to arrive...

Twenty-Six Wines!

More information below on the wines we tasted at Willow Farm. To place an order email┬ábefore 30th November 2017 to receive these fantastic offers.   Don’t forget you can still order up to and including…

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